Thursday, March 25, 2010

HCG Phase 2, Day 6

Well, I hopefully didn't do too bad yesterday.  I got on the scale this morning and weighed exactly what I did the day before.  Yay.  But, no loss either.  My problem right now: Drinking water.  I hate water.  I despise drinking all day long too.  I have a bottle in front of me that I started with this morning and it looks like I have taken 3 drinks out of it.
I also changed my mindset from today forward.  I am going to do the 500-600 calories a day (when I eat much more I am so stuffed) and keep doing my drops but I am going to eat more normal foods..not just a meat a veggie.
Today I had an Asian potsticker Lean Cusine.  It filled me up quick.  And, it was yummy.

Asian Potstickers: 260 Calories

Dinner was a tough one today.  A friend really needed some Tabbi time so we met up at Chili's.  I THOUGHT that their guiltless grilled stuff would be the right choice and I definitely did my homework before going out so I checked out and realized that majority of their guiltless meals have 1000 or more mg's of sodium.  No thanks.
I decided to get the chicken fajitas.  And, I asked for a side of salsa for added flavor since I couldnt eat all the yummy stuff.

16.9oz Green Tea
16.9oz Water
2- 20oz Tea

Chicken Fajitas: 270 (only because I didn't eat all of it)
Flour Tortilla- 100 Calories

Total: 630 Calories

Not 500 or under but not bad.  I tried to sway away from the "just protein and veggie" meal because I was always starving and miserable.  This helps.  Besides, I think if just make the right choices and watch what Iam eating I will be able to achieve what I want much easier.  This is way better than hearing my stomach growling every night and morning in bed.

I'll weigh tomorrow and see how bad or good this idea is....


  1. I think you're doing great!

  2. Thanks Deb! I ditched the lame diet and just want to eat better and workout more. That is when I feel my best anyhow!