Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ten Years Ago....

It's hard to believe that ten years ago I graduated high school.  So much has happened in the last ten years and its hard to even remember what high school was like.  For me, H.S was the best.  I loved it.  Socializing was always fun but cheerleading consumed my life.  We had our clicks but for the most part we all hung out and had so much fun together.
In two days I will celebrate my reunion and I just can't believe its here already.  But, I think back and the last ten years have been filled with so much!
I started thinking today about how much has happened in my life in the last ten years....Also started talking to my dad again.
1.  Went to college and joined Delta Zeta & met some great new friends
2.  Moved out with two sorority sisters
3.  Got cancer after my first year of college and moved back home
4. My ex came back into my life-dated for almost 3 years. (moved probably 3-4 times in that period)
5.My grandma died
6. My grandpa died
7. My whole family decided to move all across the world.. I miss them!
8. Met one of my best friends and I graduated college
9. Broke up with my ex
10. Moved probably another 3 times and had some great times experiencing my 20's
11. Got my first job as the Director of Events at the OTA
11. Partied. probably way too much. Discovered student loans.
12. Met a guy that made me realize that some guys are just plain a-holes.
13.  Got my second job doing PR for the Ford Center
14. Met another one of my best friends thru the a-hole ex boyfriend and moved in with her.
15. Partied way too much again. But, had the best time of my life.
16.  Coached Cheer---my passion
17.  Fell in love with Casey
18. Moved in 4 months later and took another job doing marketing for Allegiance Credit Union.

That's a lot in 10 years!  I can only imagine what the next ten years hold for me.  Hopefully its full of happiness and health.  I pray that my cancer stays away and that I can become a wife and mother.  I hope that my mom is around another 10 years because I don't know what  i will do without her and I would love to travel and see the world a little more.  In the next 10 years I want to get my teaching certificate and do what I have always wanted to do.  But, more than anything I want to make great memories that last a lifetime!

Ten years ago: