Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meal Planning

Besides my Arbonne posts I've been a little out of the loop on this blog. Much apologies. But I bet my three readers haven't missed me THAT much, right?

I never have been much to focus on losing weight or tracking weight but this year I really started to notice my lack of planning ahead when going out to eat, not know what to cook when I am home and not rolling out of bed at 5am to workout. So, four weeks ago I joined weight watchers. I love it. Of course, I've let things slide a few times but all in all I am down 5 pounds and that is without trying my best.

Today I signed up for a really cool meal planner. Its only $1.25 a week and I get to pick what plans suits me. So, I went for the Weight Watchers Points for Two people shopping at Walmart. What it does is sends me a 5 day meal plan, gives me the shopping list and the total I will spend that week (supported by Dave Ramsey) and counts my points plus gives me the recipe. Its made for busy moms but hey...I am busy and I am not even a mom does it ever get better?

I'll try it out and let you all know about it. A bunch of us at work are chipping in on it and all trying it out.
Plus, if you know me at all...I've never been one to whip up a fancy meal. Click the link below to see for yourself...the recipes sound fantastic.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arbonne Blowout Sale

Lucky You! I'm cleaning out my Arbonne inventory and having a blowout sale for all of my best clients!

Here is how it works:
All products are new and sealed. First come first serve. No returns but I will promise your money back if you are not completely satisified. Most products are 50% off or more. All sales end October 12th and will be sold on Ebay. These products have been purchased for parties that never happened.
Now is your chance to stock up or buy some Christmas gifts. Email me your order with your phone number and I will call and process your order. I accept cash or checks and will deliver or mail all products.

Thanks for shopping!

Arbonne FYI
Ambitious Body Better Body Cream 7 oz. $9.00
Flirtatious Body Better Body Cream 7 oz. $9.00
Vivacious Body Wash 7 oz. $9.00

Arbonne Intelligence
Intelligence Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion $18.00 SOLD Suzanne
Intelligence Body Lotion $9.00

Arbonne FC5
FC5 Purifying Toner $13.00 SOLD Christin
Invigorating Body Cleanser $13.00 SOLD Amy

Arbonne Nutrimin Re9 Anti-aging
Renewing Gelee Face Wash $20.00 SOLD Lisa S.
Re9 Anti-Aging Day Cream with SPF 8 $29.50 SOLD Lisa S.
Arbonne Gold Tote Bag $2.50

Arbonne Holiday
Arbonne Holiday Black Orchid Cassis Gift Set. Includes body spray, 2 body lotions and body powder. $20.00 SOLD- Kandi
Arbonne Holiday Star Jasmine Gift Set. Includes body spray, 2 body lotions and body powder. $20.00 SOLD-Kandi
Arbonne Holiday FYI Glitz and Glamour Gift Set. Includes pink bag, liquid eye liner, three lip gloss, compact mirror and body shimmer powder with scent. $30.00 SOLD Kandi

Arbonne Aromatherapy
Awaken 4 pack mini lotion bottles. $12.00 SOLD Amy
Awaken 3 pack sea salt scrub. $12.00 SOLD Amy
Ginger Citrus body butter. $6.00

Arbonne Detox SeaSource Spa
Purifying Sea Soak 8 pack. Regular $60 on sale for $20.00 SOLD Suzanne
Purifying Sea Soak 8 Pack $20.00 SOLD-Kandi
Purifying Sea Soak 5 Pack $15.00
32 ounce Spa logo bottle $3.00

Arbonne Face
Sweet Frostings Color Palette for lips and eyes, Sweet Sugar Body Balm and Sugar Coated Powder Duo. $25.00 SOLD Rebecca
Virtual Illusion Primer $20.00 SOLD Melissa

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