Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ten Years Ago....

It's hard to believe that ten years ago I graduated high school.  So much has happened in the last ten years and its hard to even remember what high school was like.  For me, H.S was the best.  I loved it.  Socializing was always fun but cheerleading consumed my life.  We had our clicks but for the most part we all hung out and had so much fun together.
In two days I will celebrate my reunion and I just can't believe its here already.  But, I think back and the last ten years have been filled with so much!
I started thinking today about how much has happened in my life in the last ten years....Also started talking to my dad again.
1.  Went to college and joined Delta Zeta & met some great new friends
2.  Moved out with two sorority sisters
3.  Got cancer after my first year of college and moved back home
4. My ex came back into my life-dated for almost 3 years. (moved probably 3-4 times in that period)
5.My grandma died
6. My grandpa died
7. My whole family decided to move all across the world.. I miss them!
8. Met one of my best friends and I graduated college
9. Broke up with my ex
10. Moved probably another 3 times and had some great times experiencing my 20's
11. Got my first job as the Director of Events at the OTA
11. Partied. probably way too much. Discovered student loans.
12. Met a guy that made me realize that some guys are just plain a-holes.
13.  Got my second job doing PR for the Ford Center
14. Met another one of my best friends thru the a-hole ex boyfriend and moved in with her.
15. Partied way too much again. But, had the best time of my life.
16.  Coached Cheer---my passion
17.  Fell in love with Casey
18. Moved in 4 months later and took another job doing marketing for Allegiance Credit Union.

That's a lot in 10 years!  I can only imagine what the next ten years hold for me.  Hopefully its full of happiness and health.  I pray that my cancer stays away and that I can become a wife and mother.  I hope that my mom is around another 10 years because I don't know what  i will do without her and I would love to travel and see the world a little more.  In the next 10 years I want to get my teaching certificate and do what I have always wanted to do.  But, more than anything I want to make great memories that last a lifetime!

Ten years ago:

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last Sunday Casey and I ventured to Muskogee, Oklahoma for a little pre-fishing before his big tournament.  Got on the lake pretty early and decided we would leave around 12:30 so that we make it back home early since we had work the next day.  So we get about an hour out of Muskogee and I'm sleeping in the passenger seat and I notice that its really it woke me up.  I asked Casey why the radio was off and he thought he heard a rattling noise coming from the boat trailer on my side.  So we keep looking out my mirror and Bang...His side of the boat trailer had a blowout.  We pull over and we he starts changing the tire but we were SOOO close to the highway that it was scaring the living tar out of me.  Then, a man pulls over and say's he'd like to help.  So nice of him!
So, we get the spare on and continue down the road and not even 10 minutes later BANG.. we have another flat tire on the SAME our spare tire lost its tred.  OMG.  By that time we were pissed.  Luckily, there was a rest stop about a quarter of a mile and our tire was still inflated so we drove in the rest area and called Casey's dad.
45 minutes later Casey's dad showed up with his boats spare and we put it on and headed home.  Not kidding, 10 minutes down the road and the dang thing blew out again.  By this point it was freaking hilarious because we couldn't get mad anymore at this point.  And, we got a flat right in front of Shawnee's Walmart so that worked out pretty well.  $332 later we had two new tires and finally got home but geez...karma must have gotten us that day for not going to my friend Kari's party at Eufaula and going to Muskogee instead.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scary Bicycle Trip

So I've been shopping for a bicycle for the past month or so and have come to the realization that I can't ride the "normal" sized bikes that are 26"and that I need the 24" bikes.  Majority of them are 26" bikes and I can't reach the ground. Anyway...back to the scary bicycle place.  I saw a bike on craigslist that was a Schwinn road bike 24" and thought "this is too good to be true" so I called the number and talked with "Mark."  Mark told me that the bike is in a to his house and there is no real sign in front just yard ornaments and a weeping willow tree.  Reassuring right?  Especially since my friend Bekah sends me emails saying people get killed off craigslist. 
So, I drag my friend Kari with me to go check out the bike since she is a biker.  We are going to NW 30th and Classen.  Yep... not the best neighborhood.  We pass the house and O_M_G.  I immediately call Casey and tell him to write the address down and if I don't call him back in 10 minutes to call the cops.  It was scary.  So repeatedly Kari and I kept saying "we are not going inside" but what do we do... he opens the door and we go in.  On a side note, I only walked in because the 900 bikes inside this 400 square foot house made me feel like this guy was legit.  But, this place was a dump.  Kari kept trying to take a pic of the house to just show everyone how scary it was.  When I stepped on the front porch I thought my foot was going to go through. 
Anyway, after he dug it out of the back yard full of 60 more bikes he adusted the seat and I took it for a spin.  HIlarIOus!  I haven't rode a bike since I had a banana seat on my bike with all of the plastic things you get fromt he cereal box that you add to the spokes of your tires.  You know you did that!  Oh, and I am in high heels and dress clothes.  Nice.
So, about the bike.  It was kelly green like my high school colors and it was cute but it was from the 70's and the rust was there to prove it.  For my first bike I figured I probably need something a little more new and sturdy.
Anyway, after telling the guy that my boyfriend and I might come back tomorrow to take a look at it he did his sales man thing and told me that he had other ladies calling about it because its a rare find.  Apparently they never came to test it out after me seeing him dig it out from under 3 or 4 other bikes.  But, I just didnt feel right about buying the clunker.  I am just hoping that Target will magically come out with a Schwinn 24" or something. 

Either way...that house was scary.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Planning for a baby!

The title got you, didn't it?  LOL  Shoot...first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.  And, did you really think I would skip the marriage part first, heck no!
But, About 7 months ago I found out that one of my best friends of several years was expecting.  Of course, being the Superb friend that I am and the fact that I love planning parties I asked to throw her shower.  Luckily, I had a team of three other girls that offered to help out and thank goodness they did! We all made a great team and I am just not that crafty life some of them!

Here are some fun pics from her shower this weekend!  BTW, we were under severe weather and rotation was not too far from the house where it was being held.  Nice!  Thank Goodness we didn't get any hail, just rain!

The shower went great!  The food was yummy and Bekah and Michael got a lot of great stuff for baby Carson!  I can't wait for him to get here!

 The party planners-Natalia, Me, Amanda and Amber with Bekah right in the middle.

Congrats to Michael and Bekah! 

I am so ready to meet Carson Michael Berry!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm running a Half Marathon!

Today was my meeting with the Team in Training (TNT) at the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  While the cause definitely hits home for me, I was a bit freaked by the numbers I saw on the page under fundraising.  The cause, the purpose, the all sounded great.  But once I saw the $3200 fundraising goal I freaked a  bit.
But, let me back up a bit.  Three years ago I was in the midst of leaving my job at the Ford Center and was nominated for Woman of the Year with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Pretty cool, right?  Well...all is dandy until I was told I was up against Amy McRee and Cherokee Ballard AND I was to raise $30,000.  So, not only are the odds against me on this but finding some rich old dude to sponsor me to become famous on some OKC billboards for awhile was doubtful. So what did I do?  Gave up.  Oh yes.  The good ol' "Tabbi gives up on something" story.  But, back to the fundraising.  I saw the $3200 and immediately wanted to leave and give up.  But, if I put this into perspective, I didn't give up my fight for cancer...that is why I am here today.  And, if I raise that $3200 not only will I be giving hope to a cancer victim (yes, victim) but I will also prove myself wrong.
I know I can do this.  I just have to believe in myself.  Maybe that is where I have lacked lately.
So now it was just down to deciding where I want to run and how much.  My goal this year is definitely the half marathon before my ten years cancer free.  There is a half marathon in Florida October 2nd called the Disney Wine and Dine.  I think that sounds, its a night run.
But I am back to worrying about my shins.  The coach today told me that my chemo could have some influence on how my muscles are and everything and that if I walk the half, I walk it.  No big deal.
So I think I am writing myself into commitment for this huge goal.  Hey, why not do something this empowering right before I turn 30, right?

So...I will keep you updated on signing that dotted line and I also apologize ahead of time if you get emails and letters asking for a small donation for my commitment.  Just remember, every little bit helps!

Tomorrow I expect to be blogging again.  It's one year since I started my blog and 9 years cancer free.  Let's celebrate!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Time for a change!

For the past four months my work has put a team together and has been training for the OKC National Memorial Marathon.  Starting in January I was a big part of that team until I started having issues with my shins/legs.  It wasn't what you would call shin splints but it felt a bit worse and made it hard to walk.  The pain lasted me about a month and after calling my doc and even talking to a person at New Balance they both told me that my muscle was pulling away from the bone and if I kept running I was going to cause permanent damage.  Not cool. 
Working with several survivors of the bombing and two being in our running group I was really let down when I felt like I couldn't be a part of the team anymore.  I still wanted to give back per say...and be there to experience it all.  So...I took on the 5K.  All in all, Yeah, I probably could have kept going and continued my training with the group but  I was  worried that I wouldn't be able to run.  Running is something I have always hated.  Not my kind of thing but it is something I wanted to tackle...on my bucket list you could say. 

Yesterday was the Marathon and while it was exciting it was really depressing being a part of the "team" but not sharing the accomplishment with them.  Sure, i wore the same blue Memories in Motion shirt with them and yeah, I even got to get in group pics but I still felt like I was the one who gave up.
I've always been the one to listen to doctors and other people even if its news I didn't want to hear.  That is one thing I really need to work on.  If that was the case and doctors are always right then I would have died 10 days after I got cancer, or I would have never succeeded in school because teachers didn't think I had it in me.  I've proved them wrong, so why can't I prove these other people wrong?

So, then I started thinking... did i just give up easy because the National Memorial Marathon wasn't something near and dear to my heart like it was for the survivors who were on our team?  Maybe. Or, did I just not think I could do it?  Probably that too.  But after experiencing the marathon yesterday and seeing old, young, fat, skinny and everything in between...YES, I could have done it.

Another thing that really inspired me after being at the marathon yesterday was the Leukemia Lymphoma's Team in Training.  It really hit home with me and made me think that this could be the thing that pulls at my heart and makes me want to run no matter how bad it hurts.  My nine years cancer free date is just one week week away and I would LOVE more than anything to train this year and dedicate my 10 year's cancer free celebration to the Team in Training.  Not only for myself as a survivor but for those who have passed and survived. 
I'll keep you-my lovely readers- updated on my status.  I meet at the Leukemia Lymphoma Society May 4th for a meeting to discuss Team in Training.  I'm looking forward to this!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HCG Phase 2, Day 6

Well, I hopefully didn't do too bad yesterday.  I got on the scale this morning and weighed exactly what I did the day before.  Yay.  But, no loss either.  My problem right now: Drinking water.  I hate water.  I despise drinking all day long too.  I have a bottle in front of me that I started with this morning and it looks like I have taken 3 drinks out of it.
I also changed my mindset from today forward.  I am going to do the 500-600 calories a day (when I eat much more I am so stuffed) and keep doing my drops but I am going to eat more normal foods..not just a meat a veggie.
Today I had an Asian potsticker Lean Cusine.  It filled me up quick.  And, it was yummy.

Asian Potstickers: 260 Calories

Dinner was a tough one today.  A friend really needed some Tabbi time so we met up at Chili's.  I THOUGHT that their guiltless grilled stuff would be the right choice and I definitely did my homework before going out so I checked out and realized that majority of their guiltless meals have 1000 or more mg's of sodium.  No thanks.
I decided to get the chicken fajitas.  And, I asked for a side of salsa for added flavor since I couldnt eat all the yummy stuff.

16.9oz Green Tea
16.9oz Water
2- 20oz Tea

Chicken Fajitas: 270 (only because I didn't eat all of it)
Flour Tortilla- 100 Calories

Total: 630 Calories

Not 500 or under but not bad.  I tried to sway away from the "just protein and veggie" meal because I was always starving and miserable.  This helps.  Besides, I think if just make the right choices and watch what Iam eating I will be able to achieve what I want much easier.  This is way better than hearing my stomach growling every night and morning in bed.

I'll weigh tomorrow and see how bad or good this idea is....