Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scary Bicycle Trip

So I've been shopping for a bicycle for the past month or so and have come to the realization that I can't ride the "normal" sized bikes that are 26"and that I need the 24" bikes.  Majority of them are 26" bikes and I can't reach the ground. Anyway...back to the scary bicycle place.  I saw a bike on craigslist that was a Schwinn road bike 24" and thought "this is too good to be true" so I called the number and talked with "Mark."  Mark told me that the bike is in a to his house and there is no real sign in front just yard ornaments and a weeping willow tree.  Reassuring right?  Especially since my friend Bekah sends me emails saying people get killed off craigslist. 
So, I drag my friend Kari with me to go check out the bike since she is a biker.  We are going to NW 30th and Classen.  Yep... not the best neighborhood.  We pass the house and O_M_G.  I immediately call Casey and tell him to write the address down and if I don't call him back in 10 minutes to call the cops.  It was scary.  So repeatedly Kari and I kept saying "we are not going inside" but what do we do... he opens the door and we go in.  On a side note, I only walked in because the 900 bikes inside this 400 square foot house made me feel like this guy was legit.  But, this place was a dump.  Kari kept trying to take a pic of the house to just show everyone how scary it was.  When I stepped on the front porch I thought my foot was going to go through. 
Anyway, after he dug it out of the back yard full of 60 more bikes he adusted the seat and I took it for a spin.  HIlarIOus!  I haven't rode a bike since I had a banana seat on my bike with all of the plastic things you get fromt he cereal box that you add to the spokes of your tires.  You know you did that!  Oh, and I am in high heels and dress clothes.  Nice.
So, about the bike.  It was kelly green like my high school colors and it was cute but it was from the 70's and the rust was there to prove it.  For my first bike I figured I probably need something a little more new and sturdy.
Anyway, after telling the guy that my boyfriend and I might come back tomorrow to take a look at it he did his sales man thing and told me that he had other ladies calling about it because its a rare find.  Apparently they never came to test it out after me seeing him dig it out from under 3 or 4 other bikes.  But, I just didnt feel right about buying the clunker.  I am just hoping that Target will magically come out with a Schwinn 24" or something. 

Either way...that house was scary.

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