Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last Sunday Casey and I ventured to Muskogee, Oklahoma for a little pre-fishing before his big tournament.  Got on the lake pretty early and decided we would leave around 12:30 so that we make it back home early since we had work the next day.  So we get about an hour out of Muskogee and I'm sleeping in the passenger seat and I notice that its really it woke me up.  I asked Casey why the radio was off and he thought he heard a rattling noise coming from the boat trailer on my side.  So we keep looking out my mirror and Bang...His side of the boat trailer had a blowout.  We pull over and we he starts changing the tire but we were SOOO close to the highway that it was scaring the living tar out of me.  Then, a man pulls over and say's he'd like to help.  So nice of him!
So, we get the spare on and continue down the road and not even 10 minutes later BANG.. we have another flat tire on the SAME our spare tire lost its tred.  OMG.  By that time we were pissed.  Luckily, there was a rest stop about a quarter of a mile and our tire was still inflated so we drove in the rest area and called Casey's dad.
45 minutes later Casey's dad showed up with his boats spare and we put it on and headed home.  Not kidding, 10 minutes down the road and the dang thing blew out again.  By this point it was freaking hilarious because we couldn't get mad anymore at this point.  And, we got a flat right in front of Shawnee's Walmart so that worked out pretty well.  $332 later we had two new tires and finally got home but geez...karma must have gotten us that day for not going to my friend Kari's party at Eufaula and going to Muskogee instead.

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