Thursday, March 25, 2010

HCG Phase 2, Day 6

Well, I hopefully didn't do too bad yesterday.  I got on the scale this morning and weighed exactly what I did the day before.  Yay.  But, no loss either.  My problem right now: Drinking water.  I hate water.  I despise drinking all day long too.  I have a bottle in front of me that I started with this morning and it looks like I have taken 3 drinks out of it.
I also changed my mindset from today forward.  I am going to do the 500-600 calories a day (when I eat much more I am so stuffed) and keep doing my drops but I am going to eat more normal foods..not just a meat a veggie.
Today I had an Asian potsticker Lean Cusine.  It filled me up quick.  And, it was yummy.

Asian Potstickers: 260 Calories

Dinner was a tough one today.  A friend really needed some Tabbi time so we met up at Chili's.  I THOUGHT that their guiltless grilled stuff would be the right choice and I definitely did my homework before going out so I checked out and realized that majority of their guiltless meals have 1000 or more mg's of sodium.  No thanks.
I decided to get the chicken fajitas.  And, I asked for a side of salsa for added flavor since I couldnt eat all the yummy stuff.

16.9oz Green Tea
16.9oz Water
2- 20oz Tea

Chicken Fajitas: 270 (only because I didn't eat all of it)
Flour Tortilla- 100 Calories

Total: 630 Calories

Not 500 or under but not bad.  I tried to sway away from the "just protein and veggie" meal because I was always starving and miserable.  This helps.  Besides, I think if just make the right choices and watch what Iam eating I will be able to achieve what I want much easier.  This is way better than hearing my stomach growling every night and morning in bed.

I'll weigh tomorrow and see how bad or good this idea is....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HCG Phase 2 Day 5

Today started off HARD with a capital H!  First, I weighed this morning and saw no sign of losing anything.  BOO! Then, My work celebrated an employee's 20th anniversary so they cooked up pancakes, bacon, cassarole, etc.  Walking through the door this morning smelled like heaven but I resisted!  Thankfully they are nice to us healthy eaters and had fruit as well.
1/2 Orange-30 Calories
4 Strawberries-32 Calories

My lunch sucked today but I got full fast
Crab: 50 Calories
Lettuce:5 calories
Tomato:5 calories
Balsamic Vinagerette:5 calories
2 Strawberrys: 15 calories
Total: 80 Calories

I hardly ate my lunch.  Either I got full fast or I just wasn't in the mood for it.

But, I totally failed on my dinner.  I did it.  I ate sushi.  I couldn't resist.  I didn't eat bad sushi but it totally isn't on the diet plan.
After talking with friends yesterday I did get it in my head that this whole HCG is for some people.  Maybe not for me.  I love working out.  Eating right is what I need to really do more of.  So if I combine the two I sure would be successful.  I feel like I am up for failure if I do the HCG. I'll lose 25lbs and then just gain it back because I get off of a 500 calorie diet.  I dont know....Plus, I like working out.  On this diet they say not to or to only walk.  Boo.

California Roll: 3 pieces 150 calories
Tiger Roll: 3 pieces 160 calories
Edamame: 120 calories

Total: 572 Calories 

I am not displeased with this number so pat on the back to me for at least going out to eat and picking the right stuff.  Or substituting throughout the day.

HCG Phase 2, Day 4

I got on the scale this morning (same time as usual) and I have lost 4.2 lbs.  So, all this starving myself isn't for anything.  Actually, my hunger is getting better but usually by around 5pm I am ready for, really ready.
Today I didn't feel as hungry and I hope it stays that way.
Lean Hamburger-220 calories
Onions-30 calories
Mushrooms-6 calories
Mixed veggies- 30 calories
Total: 286 Calories

2-Diet Green Tea
1-0 Calorie Sobe
1-Iced Tea

Healthy Lemon and Herb baked Chicken-110 Calories
1/4 cup Green beans-5 calories
Dinner: 115 Calories

Snack (because I was starving and my stomach was louder than the TV) Chicken Broth-60 calories


Sweet!  I stayed under 500 this time!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HCG Phase 2, Day 3

Oh...only 35 more days...not that I am counting or anything. :)  Today wasn't horrible. Actually better than being at home with all the temptation.  I drank more than at home too. 

Lettuce- 15 calories
Balsamic Vinagerette- 10 calories
tomato-5 calories
3oz baked chicken-80 calories
Franks Hot Sauce-5 calories
Melba toast-35 calories
150 Calories

Apple-80 calories

Green tea
0 Calorie Sobe

Hamburger patty-280 calories
grilled onions-30 calories
grilled mushrooms-6 calories
mixed veggies-80 calories
396 Calories

626 Calories

Well that sucks.  I have to figure out how to keep at 500.  Dang. Maybe I suck at this calorie tracking thing. But, I've been starving!

HCG, Phase 2 Day 2

Today I havent started out by drinking a lot of fluids like yesterday. I'm still working on my green tea at noon.  I'll get all my fluids in.  I weighed in this morning and it appears I lost a bit. Down 3.6 pounds

This is what I had today:
Lunch: Taco Salad
lettuce- 15 calories
hamburger meat-80 calories
taco seasoning- 10 calories
tomato 5 calories
salsa- 30 calories
sour cream-35 calories
175 Calories

Mid Day Snack
Melba Toast-40 calories
Small Orange-50 calories
90 Calories

Filet Steak-230
Mushrooms-6 calories
Onion-15 calories
Shrimp-35 calories
Green Beans-20 calories
306 Calories

Total: 571 Calories

Another day over!  dang!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

HCG, Phase 2 Day 1

I mentally have tried preparing for today.  I went to the store, bought several items that will hopefully help me stay on track.  One thing I struggle with is giving up.  The last few things I have started, whether it be working out, running, weight watchers, etc, I have given up real quick.  Which, the running thing wasn't my fault.  I had injury after the first couple of runs.
After reading Coupon Princess blog and heard her success story with HCG I knew it was something I needed to try.  This could be just what I need to lose some extra weight.  I think i have packed on the weight in the last 5-6 months due to stress.   I got to the point where I didn't care what we ate because I either was always on the go or had no desire to go so we would eat anything anad everything.
Two days ago I started HCG.  The first two days are loading days.  I don't know how well I did with loading but I did eat chinese food, mcdonalds breakfast and even Big Truck Tacos. I also made sure I got my dr pepper in. 
Today is my first day on my 500 calorie diet.  So far...difficult.  Not mentally but physically. Drinking throughout the day is hard for me.  Eating no carbs..hard.  But, not as bad as I thought.
Here is what I had to eat today:
1 16.9 bottles of water
2 16.9 bottles of diet green tea
Kabobs.  Steak, mushrooms, green bell pepers.
For dinner I am planning on a taco salad.  Casey is going to have tortillas and I will just make the hamburger meat, lettuce, tomotatoes and salsa.  Not having cheese is freaking me out a bit but if i can get through this first week I think I can handle the next 40 days.  My last day should be April 26th.  Right before my 9 years in remission.

I guess its just been a bit hard due to being stuck inside the house all day since its snowing out.  Planning on keeping this updated for my food journal.

Calories for 2/20/2010
Steak-200 calories
Bell peper-5 calories
mushroom - 15 calories
lettuce- 10 calories
hamburger meat-145 calories
taco seasoning- 20 calories
tomato 10 calories
salsa- 15 calories
sour cream-35 calories
apples with cinnamon-50 calories
strawberrys-50 calories

555 calories= 55 over
Boo!  I went over my first day! I'm sure 555 calories won't hurt me too bad.