Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HCG Phase 2 Day 5

Today started off HARD with a capital H!  First, I weighed this morning and saw no sign of losing anything.  BOO! Then, My work celebrated an employee's 20th anniversary so they cooked up pancakes, bacon, cassarole, etc.  Walking through the door this morning smelled like heaven but I resisted!  Thankfully they are nice to us healthy eaters and had fruit as well.
1/2 Orange-30 Calories
4 Strawberries-32 Calories

My lunch sucked today but I got full fast
Crab: 50 Calories
Lettuce:5 calories
Tomato:5 calories
Balsamic Vinagerette:5 calories
2 Strawberrys: 15 calories
Total: 80 Calories

I hardly ate my lunch.  Either I got full fast or I just wasn't in the mood for it.

But, I totally failed on my dinner.  I did it.  I ate sushi.  I couldn't resist.  I didn't eat bad sushi but it totally isn't on the diet plan.
After talking with friends yesterday I did get it in my head that this whole HCG is for some people.  Maybe not for me.  I love working out.  Eating right is what I need to really do more of.  So if I combine the two I sure would be successful.  I feel like I am up for failure if I do the HCG. I'll lose 25lbs and then just gain it back because I get off of a 500 calorie diet.  I dont know....Plus, I like working out.  On this diet they say not to or to only walk.  Boo.

California Roll: 3 pieces 150 calories
Tiger Roll: 3 pieces 160 calories
Edamame: 120 calories

Total: 572 Calories 

I am not displeased with this number so pat on the back to me for at least going out to eat and picking the right stuff.  Or substituting throughout the day.

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