Saturday, March 20, 2010

HCG, Phase 2 Day 1

I mentally have tried preparing for today.  I went to the store, bought several items that will hopefully help me stay on track.  One thing I struggle with is giving up.  The last few things I have started, whether it be working out, running, weight watchers, etc, I have given up real quick.  Which, the running thing wasn't my fault.  I had injury after the first couple of runs.
After reading Coupon Princess blog and heard her success story with HCG I knew it was something I needed to try.  This could be just what I need to lose some extra weight.  I think i have packed on the weight in the last 5-6 months due to stress.   I got to the point where I didn't care what we ate because I either was always on the go or had no desire to go so we would eat anything anad everything.
Two days ago I started HCG.  The first two days are loading days.  I don't know how well I did with loading but I did eat chinese food, mcdonalds breakfast and even Big Truck Tacos. I also made sure I got my dr pepper in. 
Today is my first day on my 500 calorie diet.  So far...difficult.  Not mentally but physically. Drinking throughout the day is hard for me.  Eating no carbs..hard.  But, not as bad as I thought.
Here is what I had to eat today:
1 16.9 bottles of water
2 16.9 bottles of diet green tea
Kabobs.  Steak, mushrooms, green bell pepers.
For dinner I am planning on a taco salad.  Casey is going to have tortillas and I will just make the hamburger meat, lettuce, tomotatoes and salsa.  Not having cheese is freaking me out a bit but if i can get through this first week I think I can handle the next 40 days.  My last day should be April 26th.  Right before my 9 years in remission.

I guess its just been a bit hard due to being stuck inside the house all day since its snowing out.  Planning on keeping this updated for my food journal.

Calories for 2/20/2010
Steak-200 calories
Bell peper-5 calories
mushroom - 15 calories
lettuce- 10 calories
hamburger meat-145 calories
taco seasoning- 20 calories
tomato 10 calories
salsa- 15 calories
sour cream-35 calories
apples with cinnamon-50 calories
strawberrys-50 calories

555 calories= 55 over
Boo!  I went over my first day! I'm sure 555 calories won't hurt me too bad.