Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HCG, Phase 2 Day 2

Today I havent started out by drinking a lot of fluids like yesterday. I'm still working on my green tea at noon.  I'll get all my fluids in.  I weighed in this morning and it appears I lost a bit. Down 3.6 pounds

This is what I had today:
Lunch: Taco Salad
lettuce- 15 calories
hamburger meat-80 calories
taco seasoning- 10 calories
tomato 5 calories
salsa- 30 calories
sour cream-35 calories
175 Calories

Mid Day Snack
Melba Toast-40 calories
Small Orange-50 calories
90 Calories

Filet Steak-230
Mushrooms-6 calories
Onion-15 calories
Shrimp-35 calories
Green Beans-20 calories
306 Calories

Total: 571 Calories

Another day over!  dang!

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