Saturday, November 14, 2009

My first 5K!

Today I wogged my first 5K. For those who are wondering, wogged means jogged/walked. I walked half way and then Vanessa(my new wogging partner) decided to kick it up a notch after we heard that we hit 25 minutes even on the half way point.
It really was what I expected. First, I am not in the best of shape right now so jogging the entire thing would have been difficult-but not impossible. But, I am really excited to get into running. I only ended up with a blister on my foot and sweaty hair. Not too shabby. I plan on going to The Runner soon and getting some shoes that fit well and doing another 5K on December 5th Downtown. Hopefully I beat my 47.25 time.

I'm a bit red in the face!

The bicycle guy got in the way!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meal Planning

Besides my Arbonne posts I've been a little out of the loop on this blog. Much apologies. But I bet my three readers haven't missed me THAT much, right?

I never have been much to focus on losing weight or tracking weight but this year I really started to notice my lack of planning ahead when going out to eat, not know what to cook when I am home and not rolling out of bed at 5am to workout. So, four weeks ago I joined weight watchers. I love it. Of course, I've let things slide a few times but all in all I am down 5 pounds and that is without trying my best.

Today I signed up for a really cool meal planner. Its only $1.25 a week and I get to pick what plans suits me. So, I went for the Weight Watchers Points for Two people shopping at Walmart. What it does is sends me a 5 day meal plan, gives me the shopping list and the total I will spend that week (supported by Dave Ramsey) and counts my points plus gives me the recipe. Its made for busy moms but hey...I am busy and I am not even a mom does it ever get better?

I'll try it out and let you all know about it. A bunch of us at work are chipping in on it and all trying it out.
Plus, if you know me at all...I've never been one to whip up a fancy meal. Click the link below to see for yourself...the recipes sound fantastic.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arbonne Blowout Sale

Lucky You! I'm cleaning out my Arbonne inventory and having a blowout sale for all of my best clients!

Here is how it works:
All products are new and sealed. First come first serve. No returns but I will promise your money back if you are not completely satisified. Most products are 50% off or more. All sales end October 12th and will be sold on Ebay. These products have been purchased for parties that never happened.
Now is your chance to stock up or buy some Christmas gifts. Email me your order with your phone number and I will call and process your order. I accept cash or checks and will deliver or mail all products.

Thanks for shopping!

Arbonne FYI
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Vivacious Body Wash 7 oz. $9.00

Arbonne Intelligence
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Intelligence Body Lotion $9.00

Arbonne FC5
FC5 Purifying Toner $13.00 SOLD Christin
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Arbonne Nutrimin Re9 Anti-aging
Renewing Gelee Face Wash $20.00 SOLD Lisa S.
Re9 Anti-Aging Day Cream with SPF 8 $29.50 SOLD Lisa S.
Arbonne Gold Tote Bag $2.50

Arbonne Holiday
Arbonne Holiday Black Orchid Cassis Gift Set. Includes body spray, 2 body lotions and body powder. $20.00 SOLD- Kandi
Arbonne Holiday Star Jasmine Gift Set. Includes body spray, 2 body lotions and body powder. $20.00 SOLD-Kandi
Arbonne Holiday FYI Glitz and Glamour Gift Set. Includes pink bag, liquid eye liner, three lip gloss, compact mirror and body shimmer powder with scent. $30.00 SOLD Kandi

Arbonne Aromatherapy
Awaken 4 pack mini lotion bottles. $12.00 SOLD Amy
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Ginger Citrus body butter. $6.00

Arbonne Detox SeaSource Spa
Purifying Sea Soak 8 pack. Regular $60 on sale for $20.00 SOLD Suzanne
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32 ounce Spa logo bottle $3.00

Arbonne Face
Sweet Frostings Color Palette for lips and eyes, Sweet Sugar Body Balm and Sugar Coated Powder Duo. $25.00 SOLD Rebecca
Virtual Illusion Primer $20.00 SOLD Melissa

To receive the HTML version of this with pictures of the products email me at

Thursday, June 18, 2009


About two years ago I started to notice some dark spots on my forehead and really couldn't figure out what the deal was. So, I started doing some investigating. Around that time my doctor put me on a new birth control called Ortho Evra AKA "The Patch" which contains a huge amount of hormones. Apparently, you get these spots when you have too much Melanin in your hormones and it produces dark spots on your face and hands. I just wonder why I couldn't have gotten the hand problem and not the entire face. My luck!

Apprently, you can get too much Melanin in your skin when your pregnant as well...something to look forward to I guess.
Recently I switched to a new birth control due to my crappy insurance and found the same problem again only it started to get worse and I had no idea what I was going to do because paying for procedures at places where the person who promotes their business has extremely tight skin from the 40 procedures they had was not in my budget.

And then it happened... Arbonne released a new product in April called Revelage which targets age spots, sun spots and darkened spots on your face and hands. I figured I would give it a try even though I haven't seen any before and after pictures yet. But, given that I have huge faith in every product Arbonne puts out I knew it would deliver me results.
I did read a blog about a girl who tried it for two weeks and she could tell a big difference. So I ordered it last week and applied it last night to my face(practically all of it). I had Casey take some pictures of my face before and in two weeks I will follow up with my results.

The two products I decided to try were the Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer and the Intensive Pro-Brightening Night Serum

I'll post my pics in a few weeks for results!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little by Little

So the last time I blogged I believe I told you that I was starting "The Biggest Loser" Challange at work. Whoever wins gets $150 and two days off work. It started three weeks ago and I have really changed a lot of my eating habits and started working out 7 days a week...which I think has been my downfall. I figured that drastically changing my diet would show up on the scale but as of today I have only lost 2lbs. 2lbs in three weeks! UGH! It's aggravating. I don't know whether I am just adding muscle, losing inches or not doing much at all.
I have become quite addicted to where I track my calories every day as well as my workouts. Its more like my accountability partner in all of this. I eat no more than 1439 calories a day and when I workout I don't use up those calories that I have burned. My biggest problem is drinking a lot of water. I hate water. But, I am trying. The biggest achievement I have had is going into a restaurant and ordering the best thing available for me...that is one thing I would have usually let slide.
Finally, after three weeks of waiting for the ebay dude to send my DVD I finally got the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout. I got it last night and figured I would wait until Monday to begin because Casey and I leave for our vacation tomorrow and I highly doubt that I will be watching and logging my calories each day...I mean, it's vacation!
I am extremely excited to get away for four days though. We are going to Beaver's Bend. I hoping for it to be relaxing. Of course Casey will be doing his fishing and I will be trying to get a much needed tan!
Wish me luck on the other 4 weeks of my Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm going to workout about 4-5 days now instead of 7 and let my muscles rest a bit and keep tracking my calories each day. I found out that my gym does Zumba on Tuesday evenings so I will definitely be going to that!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tracking the Calories

This Monday I signed up for "The Biggest Loser" challenge at work. It works a lot like the show only we aren't getting our butts kicked by some awesome trainers. Bummer. I started working out with my co-worker Kari during lunch and I have drastically changed my diet. Thanks to another co-worker I have fallen in love with I track my calories every day and it becomes more of a game with me..I try and see what I can do to hit below my target calories and I work out harder to earn more, even though I am not hitting my max calories. I love the site. It lets me track my workouts, it saves my previous meals so I don't have to re-enter them in every time and it keeps me focused on what I can and can not eat.
Last night Casey and I went to the grocery store so I could buy some food and I was glad that he jumped on board with me on this. We got lots of healthy food so I think it will be much easier to cook for us both now.
Last night I had a hard time figuring out what I was going to do with ground Turkey to make him happy but it made a great sloppy Joe and Casey was pleased plus the calories weren't bad at all.
I plan on keeping this updated every week to let everyone know how I am doing on my "Biggest Loser" challenge. I can get two days off and $150 if I win....I could use both! =) More than anything I want to kick my butt in gear and make working out fun again! I love seeing results!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Eight Year Milestone

Just eight years ago today I never thought my life would change forever.
On May 5, 2001 I had just finished my Spring semester at UCO-my first full year of college. I really did all of the things my first year of college that I shouldn't have done such as skip class, partied, ate dinner way too late, worked three part-time jobs and made my social life a priority. Never in a million years did I think that I would be faced with an illness that I would have to deal with for what feel like forever.

Two weeks prior to going into the hospital I started getting a burning feeling in my stomach and my neck started to swell. It looked like I had severe strep throat(which is super normal for me) but my throat never hurt. I went to see my doctor (which I will never recommend to anyone) and he sent me home with amoxicillin for my "tonsils being inflamed" and my blood count being at 21.000. (normal is between 4,000-10,000)
I lived with two of my sorority sisters at the time in Edmond and I remember my roommate Brandy kept telling me that my neck was getting bigger and bigger.
Finally, May 5th I started throwing up blood. I called my mom and she made me come to Jones to stay the night. As soon as I walked in her house she told me that we were going to the ER.
After several hours of testing, the doctor along with 3 EMT's came into this tiny room and told me that I had a form of Leukemia. All I could think about was "My cat had Leukemia and died!"
They also told me that my blood count was 57,000 and that was the highest white blood count that they had seen on someone my age.

Honestly, I really wasn't too scared at first. For some reason I knew that if my mom couldn't make it all better (she usually does that) then God would for sure be on my side. The first time it really hit me was when I had to call my boss at Chilli's and share my news. That was the first time I said, "I have cancer."

On May 8th, Dr. Mahmood (another one of my lifesavers) came in to do the bone marrow test. Let me just say, that was the worst pain I have ever had. The needle was at least 2ft long and we won't go over just how thick it was. In order to do a bone marrow test they have to jab that needle in your hip bone over and over. There was with a numbing agent on my hip, which barely, I hear they actually put you to sleep for that darn procedure...and they should!
Dr. Mahmood diagnosed me with Non-Hodkins Lymphoblastic Lymphoma which later turned into Leukemia in all of my bone marrow. This type of cancer is rare but treatable. He also thinks that it was hereditary (thank God since I am adopted!)

The worst part for me was losing my hair. I remember lying in my mom's bed and turning over and my pillow had clumps of hair on it. Or taking a bath and my mom washing my hair and all of it would be in her hands. I refused to shave it but I did wear hats every single day. We got a wig but it looked ridiculous on me plus it was hot and I had hot flashes like every other 4 minutes. No joke.

If my mom wouldn't have been by my side the first 17 days I was in MWC hospital I guarantee you that I would have not made it. My mom was lucky enough to have her police officers donate time off to her at work so that she could be with me.
Once I got home I was barely weighing 80lbs. and could hardly walk. The chemo really made me sick and made every inch of me hurt.
I ended up in ICU with a severe infection after a few days at home and my heart wasn't beating right so they ended up giving me some very strong medicine and watching me very closely.
After my six months of chemo I started maintenance pills. I took 26 pills a day for 2 1/2 years. Oh, I forgot to mention that I went back to school the following spring semester after getting sick and pushed my way thru the day. It was hard to walk up stairs or even make it to my 2pm government class-I haven't decided if it was the chemo or my lack of interest in government. But, I wasn't going to let this illness set me back on getting through college.

Throughout the years a lot has changed about me. I learned to always tell people how I feel each day, you are never promised tomorrow. I also learned that my mom was my best friend and that she has done so much for me, I know I can never repay her! I learned that God had a plan for me and God has so much in store for me. Lastly, I learned that life wasn't about parties, doing poor in school, working my life away or making everything about me. Once I got to school I changed my major to PR. My ultimate dream was to plan walks for the Cancer Society or even the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I also made time with my grandpa and talked more with him. I got to know him and he became one of my best friends. Family became a priority in my life. I started to straighten up! partying occasionally =)

Now, I see my oncologist every 6 months and its a way for me to have piece of mind on my health. I often worry too much about anything that is wrong with me, can you blame me? And, I also nag at everyone around me to go to the doctor (not the one I went to) if they are sick. I never want anyone to go through what I did but I know someone will...what I do want for them is to survive and have a story to tell like I do. I celebrate every May 5th now and have so since I reached my 5 year mark which is considered a cure.

I don't attend meetings for hope or counseling or anything of the sort but I do believe in reaching out to other young adults and sharing my experience. I do want to help kids with cancer..I just have a hard time not crying. Last year I walked in the Light the Night walk in honor of myself and raised over $1200. My friends came out to support me and that meant so much to me.

I want to thank everyone for everything they did during my battle with cancer. Jones HS did a blood drive for me, Mrs. Young's first grade class colored me pictures, I received cards from several friends, to my sorority & Melissa Mann who did the Light the Night walk for me, my family & friends stood by my side and got me out of the house and on my way to recovery, my friends visited me in the hospital and claimed they would shave their heads for me (I'm glad they didn't!), Carolyn did several fundraisers for me to raise money, the numerous people who donated money and my mom for everything she did to pay my bills, waited on me hand and foot and never let me give up, she kept me alive. She is the strongest person I know.

I hope that there is a cure for cancer one day. I am so thankful that God wanted me to be here much longer than 20 years! I am also thankful for my friends and family and all of their prayers throughout the last 8 years! I celebrate this day every year-What a milestone!