Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little by Little

So the last time I blogged I believe I told you that I was starting "The Biggest Loser" Challange at work. Whoever wins gets $150 and two days off work. It started three weeks ago and I have really changed a lot of my eating habits and started working out 7 days a week...which I think has been my downfall. I figured that drastically changing my diet would show up on the scale but as of today I have only lost 2lbs. 2lbs in three weeks! UGH! It's aggravating. I don't know whether I am just adding muscle, losing inches or not doing much at all.
I have become quite addicted to where I track my calories every day as well as my workouts. Its more like my accountability partner in all of this. I eat no more than 1439 calories a day and when I workout I don't use up those calories that I have burned. My biggest problem is drinking a lot of water. I hate water. But, I am trying. The biggest achievement I have had is going into a restaurant and ordering the best thing available for me...that is one thing I would have usually let slide.
Finally, after three weeks of waiting for the ebay dude to send my DVD I finally got the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout. I got it last night and figured I would wait until Monday to begin because Casey and I leave for our vacation tomorrow and I highly doubt that I will be watching and logging my calories each day...I mean, it's vacation!
I am extremely excited to get away for four days though. We are going to Beaver's Bend. I hoping for it to be relaxing. Of course Casey will be doing his fishing and I will be trying to get a much needed tan!
Wish me luck on the other 4 weeks of my Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm going to workout about 4-5 days now instead of 7 and let my muscles rest a bit and keep tracking my calories each day. I found out that my gym does Zumba on Tuesday evenings so I will definitely be going to that!

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  1. Hey, Tabbi! It's great you started that challenge! I've found that water is key. I never drink pop anymore. I have coffee in the morning and the rest of the day is water...not even tea.

    I've heard the Jillian Michael's book is great.

    Enjoy your vacation!