Thursday, June 18, 2009


About two years ago I started to notice some dark spots on my forehead and really couldn't figure out what the deal was. So, I started doing some investigating. Around that time my doctor put me on a new birth control called Ortho Evra AKA "The Patch" which contains a huge amount of hormones. Apparently, you get these spots when you have too much Melanin in your hormones and it produces dark spots on your face and hands. I just wonder why I couldn't have gotten the hand problem and not the entire face. My luck!

Apprently, you can get too much Melanin in your skin when your pregnant as well...something to look forward to I guess.
Recently I switched to a new birth control due to my crappy insurance and found the same problem again only it started to get worse and I had no idea what I was going to do because paying for procedures at places where the person who promotes their business has extremely tight skin from the 40 procedures they had was not in my budget.

And then it happened... Arbonne released a new product in April called Revelage which targets age spots, sun spots and darkened spots on your face and hands. I figured I would give it a try even though I haven't seen any before and after pictures yet. But, given that I have huge faith in every product Arbonne puts out I knew it would deliver me results.
I did read a blog about a girl who tried it for two weeks and she could tell a big difference. So I ordered it last week and applied it last night to my face(practically all of it). I had Casey take some pictures of my face before and in two weeks I will follow up with my results.

The two products I decided to try were the Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer and the Intensive Pro-Brightening Night Serum

I'll post my pics in a few weeks for results!

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