Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meal Planning

Besides my Arbonne posts I've been a little out of the loop on this blog. Much apologies. But I bet my three readers haven't missed me THAT much, right?

I never have been much to focus on losing weight or tracking weight but this year I really started to notice my lack of planning ahead when going out to eat, not know what to cook when I am home and not rolling out of bed at 5am to workout. So, four weeks ago I joined weight watchers. I love it. Of course, I've let things slide a few times but all in all I am down 5 pounds and that is without trying my best.

Today I signed up for a really cool meal planner. Its only $1.25 a week and I get to pick what plans suits me. So, I went for the Weight Watchers Points for Two people shopping at Walmart. What it does is sends me a 5 day meal plan, gives me the shopping list and the total I will spend that week (supported by Dave Ramsey) and counts my points plus gives me the recipe. Its made for busy moms but hey...I am busy and I am not even a mom does it ever get better?

I'll try it out and let you all know about it. A bunch of us at work are chipping in on it and all trying it out.
Plus, if you know me at all...I've never been one to whip up a fancy meal. Click the link below to see for yourself...the recipes sound fantastic.