Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HCG Phase 2, Day 4

I got on the scale this morning (same time as usual) and I have lost 4.2 lbs.  So, all this starving myself isn't for anything.  Actually, my hunger is getting better but usually by around 5pm I am ready for, really ready.
Today I didn't feel as hungry and I hope it stays that way.
Lean Hamburger-220 calories
Onions-30 calories
Mushrooms-6 calories
Mixed veggies- 30 calories
Total: 286 Calories

2-Diet Green Tea
1-0 Calorie Sobe
1-Iced Tea

Healthy Lemon and Herb baked Chicken-110 Calories
1/4 cup Green beans-5 calories
Dinner: 115 Calories

Snack (because I was starving and my stomach was louder than the TV) Chicken Broth-60 calories


Sweet!  I stayed under 500 this time!

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