Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HCG Phase 2, Day 3

Oh...only 35 more days...not that I am counting or anything. :)  Today wasn't horrible. Actually better than being at home with all the temptation.  I drank more than at home too. 

Lettuce- 15 calories
Balsamic Vinagerette- 10 calories
tomato-5 calories
3oz baked chicken-80 calories
Franks Hot Sauce-5 calories
Melba toast-35 calories
150 Calories

Apple-80 calories

Green tea
0 Calorie Sobe

Hamburger patty-280 calories
grilled onions-30 calories
grilled mushrooms-6 calories
mixed veggies-80 calories
396 Calories

626 Calories

Well that sucks.  I have to figure out how to keep at 500.  Dang. Maybe I suck at this calorie tracking thing. But, I've been starving!


  1. Seems very difficult to do. My strategy is not to limit myself too much. 500 calories seems kind of a dangerous strategy. But I haven't read about this program.

    I do average about 300 to 400 calories each meal at 5 times a day. I've read that after about 3 hrs of not eating, your metabolism drops drastically and the next thing you eat your body will latch on to it...in turn making it more difficult to lose it.

    I try to do divy it up sometimes and do more calories in the morning meals and lunch and a smaller dinner. 30min to an hour of exercise 5 times a week. I've noticed a huge change. If I miss a day of working out...big deal. Don't stress too much. Just keep trying. The best strategy is to change your lifestyle and not just diet. Don't surround yourself with the bad foods. Just don't buy it. Don't go to the store hungry! And splurge once a week! I have a cupcake or ice cream once a week normally. Life and food are supposed to be enjoyable.

    I also don't eat red meat. I eat lots of fish and very little lean chicken. Mostly vegetables, fruit, oatmeal, wheat, organic, and dark chocolate!

  2. Dedication Deb!!! So far, so good on the HCG but its definitely hard. I think with this program its all about seeing the weight drop fast and fast results. Once I drop 15-20lbs I will get back into my love of working out and making things all about "ME" for awhile. That was my problem, I took the focus off myself. Time for change!