Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm running a Half Marathon!

Today was my meeting with the Team in Training (TNT) at the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  While the cause definitely hits home for me, I was a bit freaked by the numbers I saw on the page under fundraising.  The cause, the purpose, the mission...it all sounded great.  But once I saw the $3200 fundraising goal I freaked a  bit.
But, let me back up a bit.  Three years ago I was in the midst of leaving my job at the Ford Center and was nominated for Woman of the Year with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Pretty cool, right?  Well...all is dandy until I was told I was up against Amy McRee and Cherokee Ballard AND I was to raise $30,000.  So, not only are the odds against me on this but finding some rich old dude to sponsor me to become famous on some OKC billboards for awhile was doubtful. So what did I do?  Gave up.  Oh yes.  The good ol' "Tabbi gives up on something" story.  But, back to the fundraising.  I saw the $3200 and immediately wanted to leave and give up.  But, if I put this into perspective, I didn't give up my fight for cancer...that is why I am here today.  And, if I raise that $3200 not only will I be giving hope to a cancer victim (yes, victim) but I will also prove myself wrong.
I know I can do this.  I just have to believe in myself.  Maybe that is where I have lacked lately.
So now it was just down to deciding where I want to run and how much.  My goal this year is definitely the half marathon before my ten years cancer free.  There is a half marathon in Florida October 2nd called the Disney Wine and Dine.  I think that sounds awesome...plus, its a night run.
But I am back to worrying about my shins.  The coach today told me that my chemo could have some influence on how my muscles are and everything and that if I walk the half, I walk it.  No big deal.
So I think I am writing myself into commitment for this huge goal.  Hey, why not do something this empowering right before I turn 30, right?

So...I will keep you updated on signing that dotted line and I also apologize ahead of time if you get emails and letters asking for a small donation for my commitment.  Just remember, every little bit helps!

Tomorrow I expect to be blogging again.  It's one year since I started my blog and 9 years cancer free.  Let's celebrate!


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